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Magnus Härdner

Originally from the art and music scene in Gothenburg, Sweden, Magnus has always been about strong visual style. He has an instinctive ability to find beauty in the small things, and humour in the serious. 

Magnus has over two decades of experience in motion picture direction with over 50 TVC’s to his name, shooting for global brands like Spotify, Coca Cola, McDonald’s, Google, IKEA – to name a few.

Picking up a camera at an early age, he made horror movies and animated art films in his parent's basement. In art school, he spent his time painting gigantic paintings of Molossus dogs and pigs, whilst also shooting music videos for a large number of Sweden’s biggest rap, pop and indie artists.

He has also worked with Critics’ Choice Award winner Tom Odell, shooting a music video for his single, “I Know” with Sony Music UK.

Throughout his career, Magnus has utilized his experience in painting to create films that are, on one hand, unpolished realism with visual expressions that feel effortless and warm, and on the other hand, elevated and highly curated fantasies.

Infusing these visual styles; Rhythm, music, and a subtle touch of lightness and charm. These elements are the foundations for his work, ebbing and flowing across varied genres and styles.

In his spare time, Magnus like to unwind by enjoying work by his hero - Sir David Attenborough, or cries listening to Adele’s “Someone Like You” live from the Albert Hall.