Albert Uria provides some background from his shoot for UNICEF:

"We shot in Cape Town and utilised local talent.This was a pro bono job working for a good cause supporting the people that are fighting everyday to help the cause.

The big goal? To be honest, simple and straight forward. It was tough and fun. Both together. You just have to see in the picture below how we created the dust to generate the atmosphere in the frame.

It was also amazing and beautiful to see how everyone and every location and even every institution in South Africa were helping the cause. We couldn’t have made it otherwise.

"It was a big decision to use actors for this one. When working with UNICEF (we do that as often as we can) we usually use their own people in the field. This time, together with UNICEF we took the decision to not do it this way.

This story was different - It is, after all, a fiction...As if UNICEF was closing down, and we didn't want to interfere in the everyday work of the UNICEF manpower.

My goal was to make the actors understand what it would mean to leave a place that you have been living for 5-8 years, saving lives, and all of a sudden, one day, you say goodbye for ever…but with happiness because the job has been done properly.

The shoot was very emotional and truthful. We worked with our hearts and from there, we made a film that we’re all very proud of."

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