Katie Bell X Barclays

Did you catch Katie Bell’s latest work for Barclays?

In case you missed it, Mad Cow Films director Katie Bell created 4 understated yet relatable spots for one of the UK’s leading banking apps.

Katie’s expert eye for subtlety and humanity is written all over these spots. We’re let inside the minds and banking apps of 4 people in their everyday routines, at exactly the time you’d reach for your phone. On the daily commute, waiting out some heavy rain, midnight feeds and waiting for the shower to come free. You know the drill.

Once the savings goal is set, just like that, they remember their umbrella, the sun starts shining, and everything works itself out. If only life was as straightforward as Katie makes it feel.

Agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty

Creative: Phil Holbrook

Creative: Stuart Royall

Creative: Sacha Ward

Producer: Lisa Nichols

Production: Black Sheep Studios

Producer: Faye Sharpe

EP: Sophie Fitzgerald

DOP: Tony Miller

Prod Design: Georgia Shelton (Vision)

Colourist: Matt Turner

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