Phil Lind x Acora

Phil Lind has directed a cinematic medieval battle film for Acora, an IT firm that has revolutionised service-level agreements. By introducing new and enhanced Experience Level Agreement, or XLA, the company has released the IT shackles of City firms in the UK.

True Creative approached us with a script set in a past/present world with clients featuring as warriors about to go into battle.  Their leader’s speech, reminiscent of Mel Gibson’s ‘Braveheart’ oratory, fires the army up to charge into the City of London.

Shot in Romania with a crew of over a hundred & with battle crowd sequences enhanced by UPP in Prague, the film has an epic quality whilst remaining firmly tongue in cheek in its tone.

As Phil says: "We start the film in a totally recognisable Hollywood-style Middle Ages pre-battle sequence before subverting this with glimpses of technology adorning the soldiers / businessmen. As we progressed, the dialogue, although delivered as a battle cry, in fact details how their lives would be made easier through the new XLA offering from Acora…It’s confusing but (hopefully) in a good way!”

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