Spendser’s latest instalment of his award-winning series of OK Gasoline TVC’s will have you hypnotised.

The newest spot from our own Danish funny-man follows the money-saving mind of Jørgen, the chairmen of a local sports club in crisis. He pinches pennies wherever he can; turning off lights, rationing food, and cutting costs for the divers’ professional training. Seems like the cost-of-living crisis is hitting all corners of the world.

But how does he train his divers to overcome their fear of heights, you may ask? Through the power of good, old-fashioned hypnosis. Though, things are never as simple as they seem. Turns out hypnotising your divers to be fearless translates to their personal lives too. Note to self: never shake a wasp’s nest.

Sure enough, the reformed athletes are able to fearlessly soar from the heights of the diving board, albeit landing an Olympic standard belly-flop. Hypnosis keeps the chairman happy and the club ticking over. It just came at the small cost of a red raw torso.

Spendser once again expertly captures the natural nuances of comedy. His documentary-style series is laced with the quick-wit of his cast, who feel natural and relatable on every level. Though, we can’t say we’ll be taking up hypnosis any time soon. But who knows?


Production Company: M2Film 

Agency: Zupa

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